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Faith comes in many guises
and dances with our mind.
Faith in people, faith in love,
faith in what tomorrow will find.
But as strong as Faith professes to be
it is a tentative thread.
Easily damaged and easily broken
frequently muddled in our heads.
To me a most precious gift
I cherish above all
To lose that Faith that you have in me
makes my spirit fall.
What words can I express to you
to reassure your troubled thoughts?
I value more that soulís sweet trust
than any specialty bought.
Your Faith in me I have to earn
through actions you believe.
What have I done? What can I do?
To make you fully see?
Your Faith in me is a gift
One precious to my own.
I guard and protect it closely
above all others known.
For Jeannie, for Junebug, for Dan, for Wendy, for Mike,
for Libby, for Ron, for Sandy, for Tues and for Lori. Thank you all for the
faith in me, the good that you see that sometimes I don't.
And for reminding me of it time and again.

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To bring you laughter each morning and warmth
at night would bring me joy at all hours.
bkh Novemeber 99