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Cry No Tears




I know today was tough on you

It was hard to say goodbye.

But cry no tears for me, please Mom

Iíll try to tell you why.


You held me close and loved me well

as time slipped through my hand.

I saw your head dip low at night

this wasnít what we planned.


It hurt so very bad at times,

you knew how hard I tried

to be real brave and not complain

even tho it hurt inside.


But I donít feel that anymore

In fact Iím doiní great.

See, Jesus met me with a smile

and walked me through heavenís gate.


So where I hurt before feels good

and Iím not scared up here.

Iíll miss you Mom, and Dad and sis

But in my heart youíre near.


Someday youíll be where I was

and wondering whatís ahead.

So Iíll be your guide at heavenís door

just like we both said.





Copyright Brenda Hager, July 2002

Do not use without permission

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