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Hello Friends


Hello Friends
Just wanted to send you
a few thoughts...
to brighten your day perhaps?
To let you know
you're being thought of.
To help you
when the day gets long.

To let you know
I'm here and I care,
even when it gets difficult
for us to connect
and even when life's business
keeps us apart.

To let you know that a hug
is never very far away..
and that my hand is
always within reach,
my voice only a call away.


When things get tough...
remember these things:

"Courage takes many forms. There is
physical courage, there is moral courage.
Then there is still a higher type
of courage -
the courage to brave pain, to live
with it, to let few know of it and
to still find joy in life;
to wake up in the morning
with an enthusiasm for the
day ahead."
Howard Cose
"Hold your head high,
Stick your chest out.
You CAN make it.
It gets dark sometimes,
but morning comes.....
Keep hope alive"
Jesse Jackson
"You gain strength, courage,
and confidence by every experience
in which you really stop to look
fear in the face.
You are able to say to yourself,
'I lived through this horror.
I can take the next thing
that comes along.'
You must do the thing you
think you cannot do."
Eleanor Roosevelt
"When you get into a tight place
and everything goes against you,
till it seems as though you could
not hang on a minute longer,
Never give up then.
For that is just the place and time
that the tide will turn."
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Never ever give up.
See always the special person you
are and the power that lies in
Never doubt that which you know
to be true...yourself.

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a future full of promise, bright beacons and endless possibilities."
BKH - April 1999