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Look To The Sky
Can you feel me close?
Look to the sky and
see the stars shining
down on you.
As they do, they
shower you with my
warmth and love.
Can you feel my
hand? Look to the sky
and see the moon's soft
glow. It's caress is
my hand gently nestling
itself in yours.
Can you feel my
heart's smile?
Look to the sky and
see the sun, feel it's
heat on your face.
It's radiant
kiss is my heart
surrounding and
protecting yours
with my love.
Whenever the distance
seems to great,
look to the sky.
And know that
what my eyes see
also passes through
yours, and makes
the miles seem not
so great and never so
much that we cannot
reach out and touch
with our hearts.

Copyright Brenda Hager, January 1999
Do not use or reproduce without permission

""When the heart sings and the spirit soars,
the music of life is complete."
bkh - October 99
"Love is the music the heart sings best."
"To bring you laughter each morning and warmth at night...
would bring me joy at all hours." :c)

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"The stars are merely a means to guide our future with...
a future full of promise, bright beacons and endless possibilities."
BKH - April 1999