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Small Things

Do I know you
love me?
Without question,
you know I do.

And if I have
some questions,
you've thought
of all those too.

The smallest
thing you do,
like the
unexpected card,

or the phone call
that softly says
"to let you know
how special
you are."

The times I
wake and see
first thing,
a smile from
you to me.

The times at
night before
I sleep,
a love that's
meant to be.

The anticipation
I see
on your face
as I gently touch
this treasure.

Your eyes aglow,
your lips
so curved,
in undisguised

The delight
that I feel
from unexpected,

increases as
I come to see,
your pleasure
grows with

I don't need
those things
to let me know
that you love
me so.

But it's nice
that you do
take the time
to always
let me know,

That you think
of me through
out your day
in warm and
varied ways.

That I walk
beside you as
you work
and as you
start your play.

You never take
for granted,
love I choose
to give.

You treat
is as a gift
that gives us
strength from
which to live.

Love never
meant you'd
have to be
beside me all
day long.

But the small
things that
you do for me,
make us closer
when you're

It's like a
I hold dear,
that says you
take the time,

to let me know
I'm in your heart,
just as you're
in mine.

The love will
fade away,
that much I
can say,

But the
grows and burns
more bright
with each passing

The small things
that you
do for me;
special, sweet
and kind,

I treasure them.
I treasure you.

My heart
embraced by yours
with care, and
your's embraced
in mine.


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