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Spirit's Soul

My spirit's gentle soul
rejoices in the sharing of the
care and concern shown
in your words.
My heart is warmed by the
gift of your compassion
as you reach out your hand
to who I am.
My smile widens as you
share with me your laughter,
a balm when the day grows
dark and dreary.
My steps lighten, the path
much brighter, as you take
my hand and lead me through
the mire of my doubts.
My journey has begun,
my life enriched, by the
touch of your heart to
Destiny has spoken
and brought us to here.
To safely live within
each other's sheltering embrace.

Copyright Brenda Hager, January 1999
Do not use or reproduce without permission

""When the heart sings and the spirit soars,
the music of life is complete."
bkh - October 99
"Love is the music the heart sings best."
"To bring you laughter each morning and warmth at night...
would bring me joy at all hours." :c)

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